Art Conservation

Before & After

If you have an artwork that needs a conservator’s attention there’s a very good chance we can refer you to the right conservator for your needs.

Over the years we have worked with some of the most accomplished conservators in New York. Our community of conservators specialize in the following areas:

  • Books
  • Objects
  • Paintings
  • Paper
  • Photography
  • Textiles
  • Thangkas
Working closely with conservators gives us the unique ability to design framing solutions that look to the long term health of the objects we frame.

We offer evaluations and estimates on paper conservation at no cost to our clients and if you choose to proceed with conservation work you can be assured it is performed by an experienced and exceptional conservator.

Often clients bring us artwork that has been improperly framed with acidic materials or inappropriate adhesives which cause damage especially to artworks on paper.

Paper Conservation examples

Signs of artworks on paper in need of conservation:



This refers to small spots (often brown in color) across the surface of the artwork and is a result of acidic build-up. Foxing occurs when artworks are improperly mounted on or backed with acidic boards such as cardboard, masonite, and various woods.



Often, an acidic mat will leave a dark brown stain where it came in contact with the artwork. Acidic backing boards can cause staining as well.

UV burn and old brittle acidic adhesives

Deteriorated Adhesives

Inappropriate adhesives and tapes can cause severe damage, as they contain active chemistry which continues to deteriorate paper. These adhesives often harden and become brittle, turning orange/brown in color, and causing the artwork to do the same.