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Artwork and Framing Materials


We provide a wide range of collection services customized to meet the needs of collections small and large. We pride ourselves in developing creative and successful solutions to a vast array of specific display concerns.

Artwork Installation

Our team of trained, professional art handlers provides detail-oriented, white-glove artwork installation service for works in all dimensions.

Special Installations

There are many occasions when a client’s space and requirements are specific and unique. In these cases intelligent installation systems must be devised. For these projects we offer on-site inspections and overall consultations to provide the ideal installation solution.

Protective Covers

We design and fabricate custom archival fabric covers to protect artworks from UV rays, dust and damage when they are not being displayed or viewed. These covers are made of untreated conservation grade fabrics that are chosen for their non-abrasive nature and ability to absorb UV rays.

Custom Made Easels

Our easels are custom designed with locking mechanisms that surpass those available commercially in providing maximum stability to the artwork and, always, a well designed presentation.

Picture Hanging Systems

Custom designed to blend into the environment and provide maximum stability to the art and as well as a wide array of hardware options for a variety of display options.

Magnetic Mounts

Custom made magnetic mounts to present your tapestries and other fiber-based works in an secure and attractive fashion.

Fabrication Services

From facsimiles of artworks for either display and/or design and placement purposes, to maquette production executed to the client’s specifications and project needs, we offer a full range of fabrication services.

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